SKOA STREAM 7 Silver – Paar

454,95 454,95

SKOA STREAM 7 Silver – Paar

454,95 454,95


  • Low axle offset = direct and quick turning action
  • I-Beam design = the greatest weight reduction without sacrificing strength.
  • 0 rake = for the best feel during turns and slides –linear turn feel
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups = More dampening, more support, more durability. We hand pour these our self in 90a.
  • Fine threaded axles and kingpins
  • SKOA EUROTHANE 90a bushings 90a Tall Barrels Bottom and 90a Standard Barrels top.
    Fits any standard barrel sized bushings, as well as eliminator shapes
  • metrical M8x1 axle nuts
  • 5 axis CNC machined
  • Made in Germany
  • Read more detail about the Stream 7 here on our FAQ page.


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The Skoa Stream 7 delivers the highest in machining, material, and design quality. It has a very direct feel: quick turning and intense grip. The I-Beam design of the Stream 7 allows the truck to be as light as possible, without sacrificing strength. State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques make the Stream 7 unlike anything else on the market!

  • 182mm
  • 47°/47°
  • tall + short barrels
  • 0 Rake
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups


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