SKOA M.Spec 160mm – Paar

437,99 437,99

SKOA M.Spec 160mm – Paar

437,99 437,99


  • I-Beam design = the greatest weight reduction without sacrificing strength.
  • Mild axle offset = responsive turns.
  • Mild asymmetrical rake = +1.5mm positive rake in the front, -1.5mm negative in the back.
    This leads to greater directionality and dig as you turn more.
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups = More dampening, more support, more durability. We hand pour these our self in 90a.
  • SKOA fine threaded axles and kingpins
  • metrical M8x1 axle nuts
  • SKOA EUROTHANE 90a and 93a bushings – tall/reg in the front for great turning action and tall/reg in the back
    for better kingpin clearance on the 26* plate.
  • 5 axis CNC machined
  • Made in Germany


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Race / Downhill / Split Angle

The M.Spec burnt orange/black limited edition carries on in the tradition of Skoa Design. This narrower hanger was specifically designed for racing by team rider Matze Ebel and co-owner/machinist Reinhold Uhrner. It features a new take on our I-Beam design while still maximizing the strength to weight ratio as well as incorporating asymmetrical rake and split angle plates. These aspects come together to bring you an agile truck with slalom-like grip and great straight away stability.
The M.Spec is made in limited runs and is not guaranteed to be in stock.

  • 160mm
  • 47° (front) / 26° (rear)
  • Minimal Asymmetrical Rake
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups

Price is for 2 Trucks.


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